Q&A Top Young Artists

Pictured from left are Chelsea, Mrs. Susan Roberts,
and Jericho. The third winner, Ty, is not pictured. 


Three of our youth have been chosen to participate in the Young Artists Competition sponsored by the Studio Gallery in Waco. The competition features drawings, paintings and other artwork created by high school juniors and seniors from McLennan County. The top seven artists chosen receive scholarships to help with college. Susan Roberts, art teacher at the University of Texas-University Charter School, has helped our students prepare for this competition.

We caught up with Mrs. Roberts to learn more.

Mrs. Roberts: How were youth chosen for this competition?
A: We had 40 juniors and seniors enter their artwork in the December Winter Art Show put on by the charter school. I had seven judges from the Waco campus and surrounding community judge the artwork. Each judge chose their favorite three. The top three winners were Chelsea, a junior, and seniors Jericho and Ty.

Chelsea: What has this meant to you?
A: I never thought I could draw. I did not even want to be in Mrs. Roberts’ class. Mrs. Roberts really encouraged me and pushed me to learn more. Being chosen was really exciting. I have never been in a competition before much less won anything. My family was really happy for me.

Jericho: How do you feel about advancing in the competition?
A: I always enjoyed my grandmother’s artwork. She was very creative and was good at photography also. When she passed I decided to try it. It helps me feel connected to her and I have found I have some of her talent. It will be fun to see how we all do in the overall competition.

Good luck to these three students!

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