Q&A with yoga volunteer Cindy McAtee

Cindy McAtee, yoga volunteerMethodist Children’s Home provides various opportunities for volunteers to participate in our community. This includes community volunteers, mentors, sponsor families and special occasion opportunities.

Cindy McAtee is one of several people from the community who volunteers for MCH. She teaches yoga several times a month to our youth. We stopped by one of her classes to find out more.

Q: How did you learn about MCH’s volunteer program?
A: I am from Waco and grew up knowing about MCH and the wonderful work they do. My philosophy in life is to give back to others and I volunteer in several places in Waco. I called about the opportunities at MCH and have been volunteering for over a year.

Q: What do you hope the youth learn from taking your yoga class?
A: My hope is that they gain self-confidence. Yoga is a non-competitive activity and everyone can participate. I begin each class by reading a meditation. I teach the youth to tune into their body, mind and breathing. All these techniques can be used to help them relax and cope in stressful situations they may encounter.

Q: What has it meant to you to volunteer at MCH?
A: It has reinforced my belief in the importance of giving back and opening up. I always get back more in return and have enjoyed being with the youth at MCH.

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