Q&A with Yesenia

Everyone loves a good story about one of our children. But, sometimes it is helpful to learn more about everyday life here at Methodist Children's Home from the youth themselves--in their own words. Yesenia, one of our Waco campus residents, works in the development office as a student intern and has quickly earned the trust of our staff through her responsible but fun-loving approach to her job. Following is a short Q&A with Yesenia.

Q:  How long have you lived at MCH?

A:  A little over 9 months.

Q:  What activities fill your time?
A:  I have an internship in the development office, I go to one of the Waco ISD schools and I am in ROTC. My favorite part of ROTC is doing the physical training for that. I also play in a local soccer league on a team called the Hurricanes. I am a forward and a defender on the team.

Q:  What is a typical day like for you during the school year?
A:  I wake up around six, make my bed and go downstairs for breakfast with the other girls. We pray before we eat and that is always a meaningful way to start the day. Then we do our kitchen chores and I go back upstairs, complete my room and bathroom chores and get ready for school. After the bus picks me up at MCH, I go to school for the day and go to my classes. My favorite class is health science because I think it will help me get ready for my future career in medicine. After school, I come home and we have dinner and then clean up after ourselves. We have a couple of hours to watch TV, do homework, call our families and hang out. At about 8:30 we have a snack together and work on bigger chores around the house like vacuuming and sweeping. Then we spend more time together for about an hour and have to be in our rooms getting ready for bed at 9:30. But the lights don’t go out until 10:30. But that is just the way we do it at my house, I’m sure that other homes here do it a little differently.

Q:  What is the best part about living at MCH?

A:  It keeps me on a good schedule and helps me get things done. Even though the structure and organization can drive you crazy, it really is a good thing and it helps me stay on task and keep up with school and other things in my life.

Q:  What is one of the hardest parts about living at MCH?
A:  Whenever you get that many teenage girls living together, you always have drama and arguments. But there are good things about living with other girls too. For me, it was hard to get used to living here and being away from family. I got a little homesick at first, but now I really enjoy living here.

Q:  What is your favorite food?
A:  That is easy, I love chocolate!

Q:  Describe a fun MCH memory.
A:  I got to go to Austin to see the Capitol building. It was a really interesting experience. Actually, they even wrote about it in a Sunshine magazine article which was really cool. This summer we also went to Six Flags in San Antonio and ate at a restaurant on the River Walk.

Q:  What is your favorite time of year at MCH?
A:  I think Christmas is my favorite time of year. The Christmas service here is really meaningful. After the service we have a fun time in our home with our staff and the other girls. And the presents are awesome!

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