Q&A with Candice Darwin, Waxahachie campus administrator

MCH Waxahachie celebrates its first graduating class!

Graduate Jarrell with friends at the Waxahachie graduation

The Southwest Charter School on the Waxahachie campus recognized its first graduating class this May. Family, friends and staff attended the graduation ceremony to celebrate this milestone for the three seniors and MCH.

We caught up with Candice Darwin, campus administrator, to learn more:

Q: What have some of the challenges and accomplishments been for the charter school?
A: Our first year was not without challenges. Staff and youth were able to overcome any perceived obstacle and work together to make the first year a success. I am so proud of our staff and youth who approached each challenge as an opportunity to learn. School staff and Waxahachie staff worked together to provide a book club, student pride committee, field trips and enrichment activities to complement the core academic classes.

Q: How do the three students feel about being part of the first graduating class?
A: I think our youth like the distinction of being our first graduating class. They are excited to be graduating and also realize that they likely would not be graduating this year if they did not have the opportunities provided by the on-campus school. They are looking forward to attending college and accomplishing great things. Seeing how MCH celebrates our seniors helps other students look forward to being a senior.

I would like to thank the Southwest Charter School teachers who have worked to integrate our model of care into the classroom. They have given their time also to attend student community events, such as YMCA volleyball games, basketball games and have gone on home visits with our youth. We are blessed to have this group of teachers.

First three seniors to graduation from Waxahachie campus charter school

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