Q & A with Three Sisters

Sisters, Blackiesha (17), Destiny (16) and Wilmaniece (14) all live together in an MCH home unit. These sisters are unique because it is not often siblings come to the Home as a group. We sat down with them to get their perspective on being part of a sibling group at MCH.

Three Sisters - MCH Waco campus







What has changed for you since being at MCH?
A: We have had the opportunity to become more independent and develop our own personalities. At the same time, we know that we are together and have each other’s support. We still have the challenges that sisters experience, but it is wonderful to be all together.

Q: What new opportunities have you had since coming to the Home?
A: It has allowed us to meet new people and form new relationships. We are enjoying being involved in sports and the home unit outings like the camping trip we went on.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: Blackiesha said she would like to attend the University of North Texas and become an English teacher. Destiny and Wilmaniece are not sure yet. Destiny is enjoying being involved with MCH volleyball, basketball and track. Wilmanniece attends A.J. Moore Academy is very dedicated to her school work.

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