Q&A with Steve Heyduck, chaplain at MCH's Waco campus

Steve Heyduck has been the chaplain at Methodist Children’s Home for four years. He and his staff provide worship services and events that share the good news of Jesus Christ with our youth. We met with Steve to talk about the upcoming year and how the religious education (RE) department impacts the lives of our youth.

Steve Heyduck, Chaplain at MCH's Waco Campus

Q: What does the RE department have planned for this year?
A: We have a theme each year that is carried through the summer mission trips. This year, the theme is “truth”; truth about who God is, about who we are and about relationships. Truth and trust are closely related. We want to help youth learn to trust and be truthful with themselves and others.

Q: How does RE offer ways for spiritual growth?
A: We have Sunday worship and Wednesday evening activities. We also offer Bible studies in smaller groups. RE collaborates each year with the Boys Ranch and the Waxahachie campus to offer a variety of opportunities for youth to fellowship together in a different setting, like the fall festival and RECreation weekend in the spring.

Q: What excites you the most about your role at MCH?
A: I get excited when I see the fruit produced by time invested in relationship building with both youth and staff. I enjoy the time I get to spend with others and that I am not seen as only the pastor. It is also very gratifying when a young person, who has not wanted anything to do with God, becomes more open to faith or the possibilities of faith.

I remember one of our unit managers sharing with me that one of the young ladies in her home unit argued about coming to worship service each Sunday. After talking with her and learning more about her past experiences, she moved from being angry with God to seeking a relationship with God. That is exciting!


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