Q & A with Stanley, a Waco resident

Taylor valedictorian 2013

Stanley, a Waco resident, has been playing football since he was 6 years old. He started out in peewee football and moved his way up into middle school and high school where he found great success on the football field. Stanley has continued that success with the MCH Bulldogs this season where he has developed his talents and techniques as quarterback with the help of Coach Matt Rodgers and football staff. This season, Stanley led the Bulldogs to an undefeated season and a playoff win.

After spending a year at MCH and playing football for the Bulldogs, Stanley shares his thoughts on the impact of his experiences at MCH.

Q:  What have you found through MCH and the football team?
A:  I am looking for ways to become a better person and getting a new start. With a new start at MCH came a new team, staff and new training.

Q:  What has football taught you?
A:  It has taught me to be more of a leader and to step up and take control. I know now what I need to do. This experience has helped me as I am going into manhood. It’s helping me to become a better man.

Q:  What is the best part about playing for the Bulldogs?
A:  The best part is having fun. Ever since I was little, football has been the only thing I loved to do.  It helps to take my mind off of everything else going on.

Q:  What has been the most memorable moment this year?
A:  We beat teams that no one expected us to beat and we’ve gone so far. Also, working with my teammates and coaches. But it’s not always on the field.  I’ve found great staff and teachers who are pushing me to do better as well.

Q:  What are your hopes for after graduation?
A:  I hope to play ball in college, Division I hopefully. But I would like to have a great future and get an education. If playing ball doesn’t work out, I want to join the Marines.



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