Q&A with Shyla, an MCH Waco campus resident

Shyla with her caseworker, Julie SpiechShyla, a Waco campus resident, is a junior at A.J. Moore Academy. Shyla recently earned a spot in the Steel Drum Ambassadors.

The Steel Drum Ambassadors is a selected group of students outside of the school band that represent A.J. Moore Academy. The Ambassadors play at local events and have the opportunity to travel and perform. Shyla and the other Steel Drum Ambassadors are currently preparing for the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo.

We sat down with Shyla to find out more about the band and school.

Q: How did you become interested in playing the drums?
A: My dad bought me a drum kit when I was eight. I would mess around on it and just play my own stuff. Later, after I came to MCH, I started taking lessons from Mr. Campbell, our music director. He knew that my goal was to attend public school and told me about the band opportunities at A.J. Moore. This gave me even more motivation to work toward my goal.

Q: What has being able to go to public school meant to you?
A: It has shown me that people believe in me and want to help me reach my goals. My caseworker, Julie Spiech (pictured above with Shyla), recognized my perseverance and has been very supportive. Being a part of the Steel Drum Ambassadors has helped me learn new things, see new places and meet new people. My next goal is to attend the University of Texas, maybe even play in the band.

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