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This story was first printed in the Winter 2012 issue of Sunshine Magazine.

Photo of an MCH foster parent and childMethodist Children's Home serves children and families across Texas and New Mexico through 11 outreach offices. Below are three stories that demonstrate the unique ways outreach offices are making a difference in the lives of children and families. Names of children and parents in these stories have been changed to protect their privacy. Watch for additional stories in upcoming issues of Sunshine.

Albuquerque: Partnership in parenting

Sarah is a single mother with three children. She lives in a rural town on the outskirts of Albuquerque called Edgewood, which is pelted with heavy winter weather each year.

Sarah travels to Albuquerque frequently to see her doctor due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Because of her condition, Sarah has suffered in the cold weather. In addition, her mother is fighting cancer and living with Sarah and her children.

For residents of Edgewood, transportation is critical, especially when illness is concerned. There is no public transportation system and there is risk for isolation and neglect without access to health care. Sarah did not have a working heating component in her truck. Due to her MS, Sarah was at risk for having an episode during her commutes to the hospital without heat in her truck.

MCH was able to repair the heating component in Sarah’s truck to keep her and her family safe. MCH caseworker Ginger Lawlor said Sarah is grateful and relieved that she can drive in a warm truck during the winter trips to Albuquerque for medical appointments.

Dallas: Unexpected mentors

Tina, a single mother of two-year-old Jessica, placed her daughter with MCH foster care. At the time, she was without a job, looking for a new home and had another baby on the way. Worried she would not be able to meet the needs of her second child, Tina decided to begin taking steps to give the baby up for adoption.

Tina made regular visits to see Jessica in foster care. During her visits, she was able to witness the foster parents caring for both her daughter and an infant in their home. She watched Jessica interact with the infant. In addition, she noticed how the foster parents paid attention to her daughter and helped her to learn important skills.

With a new home and a new job now, Tina is saving money and has a plan for her future. She feels she can parent both of her children based on what she learned through MCH and Jessica’s foster parents. Tina decided not to put her second child up for adoption. With the help of MCH, she has learned what is important to her and is excited that her children will grow up together.

Tyler: Keeping families together

Family reunification is the ultimate goal of MCH foster care. Foster parents Jason and Sherry Robbins understand and appreciate this goal. They work to make sure their foster child, Cassie, is able to visit her biological sisters.

Samantha, Cassie’s oldest sister, is the managing conservator for many of her sisters. Samantha also has two daughters of her own. During Thanksgiving, the Robbins and Samantha worked together to arrange for Julie, one of Cassie’s sisters, to spend time at the foster home over the break. Julie was able to go to the foster home and stay Wednesday through Saturday. She enjoyed the traditional Thanksgiving meal with Cassie and her extended foster family. Julie and Cassie got along great during the visit and enjoyed the extra time they were able to spend together. This break also allowed Samantha to be able to spend some much-needed time with her two daughters during the holiday.

MCH strives to keep families together by creating special memories and building strong relationships.

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