Q&A with Sarah-Alice, a Waco campus resident


 The University of Texas-University Charter School on the Waco campus offers dual credit classes to our juniors and seniors. These classes are offered through McLennan Community College. We currently have two juniors and one senior taking dual credit. Sarah-Alice, a senior on the Waco campus, is taking her second American Sign Language class this semester.

We sat down with Sarah-Alice to find out more:

Q: How did you become interested in taking an American Sign Language class?
A: As a freshman I needed to make a decision about what foreign language I wanted to take. I cannot roll my “r’s” so that meant Spanish was not an option. I am a visual person and knew I could visualize the word and then interpret it. This was a good fit for me.

Q: Do you plan to use this skill in your future?
A: My goal is to be a history teacher. I would love to be able to relate to any youth in my class that was hearing impaired. While living at Methodist Children’s Home, I have been able to interpret for the mother of one of my peers. Also, when we do community service at Shepherd’s Heart Pantry I have been able to help hearing-impaired clients fill their grocery list.

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