Q&A with Tonya Torkelson, MCH Foster Parent

Tonya Torkelson - Houston Foster Parent
With a loving smile of a mother, Tonya Torkelson played with her foster daughter, Aubrey. Seven-month-old Aubrey has been with the Torkelson family since she was two days old. Her biological mother is working a service plan toward reunification with her baby girl.

The pain of separation from a foster child is one of the fears for many potential foster parents. The Torkelsons, Tonya and Matthew, have been foster parents with MCH for two and a half years, and have had six foster children in their home during that time. We wanted to ask their perspective on fostering. Tonya shared her thoughts with us on the topic.


Q: What motivated you to become a foster parent?
A: I met a foster mom with MCH who attends our church. She had been a foster parent for 20 years. The Lord put it on my heart that fostering was something I needed to do. When I spoke with my husband, he felt led to adopt. We adopted, two girls. My children are 7 and 9 now. Years later, the Lord still had it on my heart to foster. I wanted to see the other side – to be able to reunite kids with their biological parents.

Q: How has fostering changed you?
A: When you learn the whole back story that many people don’t see about someone’s life, it’s not so easy to judge them anymore. We see the struggles families have and I can appreciate what they’ve been through. I can sympathize with them. I pray for and work with the parents of the kids in our care. They love their babies and I can see that. They meet us and they know their babies are safe.

Q: What would you say to someone considering becoming a foster parent?
A: It’s fun! I definitely don’t regret becoming a foster parent – even through the pain of letting go. We do it for a purpose and we’re here for a reason.


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