Q&A with Samantha Grochoske
MCH alumna and development staff member

Samantha Grochoske

Methodist Children’s Home has had the privilege of hiring a few of our alumni to work in different departments over the years. Recently, Samantha Grochoske joined our development staff in June of this year. Grochoske was a resident on the Waco campus from July 1999 to May 2002. She lived in the Tom Mitchell and Scharbauer-Thomas home units.

While Grochoske is maintaining a full-time position at MCH and taking care of her young family, she is also attending Tarleton State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology and counseling. We sat down with Samantha to learn more about her story.

Q: Why were you drawn to work at MCH as an adult?
A: MCH has given me so many wonderful experiences and opportunities that it has been a goal of mine to give back. I feel that serving in this ministry that once served me is one of the best ways to give back.

Q: What was your favorite memory of MCH?
A: When I reflect on all the memories of my time here I remember that I always felt happy, secure, safe, and loved. There was always a feeling of family and fellowship on campus. There is a special and lasting bond developed between everyone at MCH and it is something I will never forget.

Q: How has your perspective changed from being a resident at MCH to being a staff member?
A: It’s very humbling to view MCH both as a youth being served and an adult serving this ministry. As a staff member, I see a side of MCH that I have never seen before. I now see what it takes for the staff to provide all the wonderful gifts and opportunities MCH gave me while I was here. As a youth, I never realized how far the message of our ministry reached. There are so many amazing people that have opened their hearts to MCH. Seeing all of this gives me a new appreciation for the work that MCH does.

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