Q & A with Patty Pick, Plant Department Secretary

Patty Pick has been the Department Secretary at the Plant for eight years. She is the reliable voice on the other end of the phone when someone calls with a work order or an emergency, not only for the Waco campus but for Waxahachie, the Boys Ranch and Jayton as well.

We spent some time with Patty to find out what it is like to work in the maintenance “hub” of MCH.

Photo of Patty, Methodist Children's HomeQ: What is a typical day like for you?
A: I receive about 30 to 40 calls per day and fill out about 20 work orders. I am responsible for getting the work orders to the right departments, which include electrical, plumbing, grounds, vehicles, janitorial and pest control. I greet and interact with as many as five to six vendors per day. I also provide van driving training for all new employees.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?
A: My biggest challenges are keeping up with the 70 vehicles that have to be maintained and making sure the gas pumps are always full. Staff need to be able to get our youth to many appointments and events so I often have to juggle vehicles around when one is out of commission. Another challenge is keeping up with the key inventory for each vehicle and building.

Q: How do you see yourself as being part of the Mission of MCH?
A: Even though I work at the Plant and not in direct childcare, I feel that I have had opportunities to be with the youth we serve by being involved with Santa’s Helper for the Bridwell home unit and helping hem prom dresses for the girls. We also have youth work at the Plant during the summer and we all get the opportunity to form relationships. It is nice to know that we have made a difference when former youth come back to visit the campus and stop by the Plant office to tell us how they have been doing.

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