Q & A with Mike Carter, Waco campus school facilitator

Mike Carter is a school facilitator at Methodist Children’s Home. He spends most of his day with our youth at the University of Texas Charter School on the Waco campus. We spent some time with Mike to learn more about what a day at MCH is like for him.

Mike Carter - Methodist Children's Home

Q: How long have you been at MCH?
A: I have been at MCH for fourteen years. I started out working in the former treatment center, and then became very involved with the structured home units, working at several different home units over the years. I always worked the day shift so I have been involved with our youth during the school day.

Q: What are some of your daily responsibilities?
A: As a school facilitator, I am assigned to the middle school English and History classes. I am support for the youth when they have a difficult day or I help youth mediate when they have a disagreement. I want to support the teacher in any way I can to help the learning process in the classroom. I help with lunch and hall duty and I fill in wherever I am needed. We need to have the ability to be flexible. Each day brings different challenges and rewards. I am never bored.

Q: What do you enjoy about working at MCH?
A: I enjoy getting to know the youth and building relationships. I believe MCH does a good job of providing opportunities for youth. They have more choices than they may have had before. They get an opportunity to be the best they can be. The most rewarding thing for me is when the youth come back to the school to visit and they want to share with me how they are doing and reminisce about their school days.

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