Q&A with Martha, a Waco campus resident

Photo of Martha, Methodist Children's HomeOne of the most important lessons our youth learn while in the care of Methodist Children’s Home is the importance of sharing their gifts, talents and time with others. Each summer our youth from all three campuses put in many volunteer hours in their communities. Martha, a resident on the Waco campus, has continued to volunteer at a local daycare center and share her time.

We caught up with Martha to hear more about the reason she loves to volunteer.

Q: Where do you volunteer?
A: I volunteer at Kids & Co. and work with the toddler group twice a week. I help with gym activities, play outside and read to them. My favorite thing to do is help them color.

Q: How did you become interested in working with younger children?
A: My mom took care of children in our home and I just loved helping her and being around them. My caseworker recognized this passion and helped match me to the right place.

Q: What has this experience meant to you?
A: Volunteering there has taught me how to handle different situations. The lead teacher is encouraging and appreciates my help. I feel joy when I am there. The best reward is when the children hug me back.

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