Q & A with our Lubbock Outreach Office

Photo of Lubbock outreach office staffIn Texas, if youth under the age of 18 are caught with tobacco products, they get a ticket and are ordered to attend a Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program (TYTAP) class by a judge. The Methodist Children’s Home outreach office in Lubbock, Texas, has offered to lead these classes to help fill a need in their community.

The Lubbock outreach office consists of Dana Bearden, outreach director; Genie Greer, secretary; Helen Crossland, caseworker; and Abbie Garcia, caseworker. Together they work with our foster care families and children and many others seeking assistance in the Lubbock community.

Q: How would you describe the Lubbock office team?
A: Helen and Abbie both do an excellent job of focusing on our clients’ strengths and providing quality services. They take their jobs very personally and build strong relationships with our foster parents, foster children and community clients. Genie, our secretary, is just as passionate about the MCH mission and does a wonderful job of welcoming and comforting those who walk through the door seeking our services. She is also the only secretary for the entire western region of outreach offices.

Q: How did your office discover there was a need for a TYTAP trainer?
A: Helen was enrolled in the training to become a facilitator at the Waco campus before she made the move to Lubbock to work with us. She started researching the need for the program in the Lubbock area and found out she was the only trainer, so she took on the responsibility and now serves the entire South Plains region.

Q: Has this program provided the opportunity to build other relationships?
A: Yes, we have offered to lead classes at a local drug and alcohol rehab facility and the American Cancer Society. Also, Helen stays with the youth until the last one is picked up from class. She offers these youth a listening ear and affirms their struggles with a kind word and hope for a better tomorrow.

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