Q&A with Kristin Woods, English and Theater teacher

Kristin Woods' theater class at Methodist Children's Home

Students at the University of Texas Charter School on the Waco Campus competed in the UIL One- Act Play at Groesbeck High School last week. This is the first year theater classes have been offered. The 13 cast and crew members performed the play “The Great Pandemonium.” Six of our youth won awards in the categories of All-Star Cast, All-Star Cast Honorable Mention and All-Star Crew.

We sat down with Kristin Woods, English and Theater teacher, to learn more.

Q: What inspired you to teach the theater classes?
A: I have always been involved in theater. I competed in One-Act Plays in high school and college. I wanted our youth to have the same experience. There are many ways youth can be involved to help make the play a success. It took a lot of dedication and they received great feedback from the judges that validated all their hard work.

Q: How did our youth respond to this opportunity?
A: I started talking to the youth last year about the possibility of having a theater class and received a lot of positive response. We had enough youth interested to have two classes this year. For most of them, this was their first time to be in a play. As a teacher, I felt they did an excellent job. Bringing home 6 awards is amazing. They were really excited and proud for each other.

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