Q&A with K.J., a Waco campus resident, on his love of art

Kemzuel (K.J.) is a resident on our Waco campus. K.J. has been at MCH for five years and will graduate this coming December from the University of Texas – University Charter School on the Waco campus.

K.J. has a love for art. He has been sketching and drawing for several years. We caught up with him at his home unit to learn about his passion for art and check out some of his work.

KJ - Methodist Children's Home

Q: How did you become interested in art?
A: At the age of fifteen I found myself sketching and doodling for fun. I started to realize that I could draw fairly well. My former unit manager, Clarence Degrate, also has a passion for art and he would encourage me to learn about the different forms of art.

Q: Have you taken art classes in school?
A: Yes, I have had my artwork displayed in the hallway at school this past year. This summer I am taking an enrichment art class. We are making plaster masks of our own faces and designing them. Sometimes my friends ask me to help them create a design for their masks and I enjoy doing that.

Q: What are your plans after you graduate high school?
A: I would like to attend the Art Institute of Fort Worth. I am interested in graphic design and photography. Art has helped me take time out for myself and think. I like to play my music and just draw. Lisa Kattness, my unit manager, has encouraged me to keep going.

Lisa describes K.J. as a good-hearted, passionate person who enjoys helping others.

“I encourage him to continue working on his art to develop his skill,” she said.

Here are some photos of K.J. in his enrichment art class and a couple pieces of his favorite work.

KJ - Methodist Children's Home KJ's art

KJ's art

KJ helping another student in art class

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