Q&A with Kim Burks, MCH Clinic Coordinator and RN

Kim Burks with the MCH clinic staffThe Methodist Children’s Home medical clinic serves both the Waco campus and Boys Ranch residents.

The medical clinic staff members are pictured left: Kimberly Abbe (l-r), Kim Burks, Mikki Beck, Patrice Mayes and Sherri Sinchak.

The clinic moved from the Zimmerman building on campus to the MCH charter school in 2009. We sat down with Kim Burks, RN and clinic coordinator, to find out what is involved in serving our youth medically.

Q: What is the role of the clinic staff?
A: We are a resource for MCH staff for the medical, dental and psychiatric care of our residents. We do initial medical assessments, immunizations and triage for youth when they are sick. We keep up with all medications prescribed to them and help with transportation to medical appointments.

Q: Are there other ways the clinic helps educate and support MCH staff?
A: Yes, since we are aware of each resident’s individual medical needs, we often have training for staff that would address a specific medical issue such as diabetes or dietary needs. We may have campus- wide training on needs specific to the time of year, such as heat related illness since our summer has been so hot. We also teach our graduating seniors how to make doctors’ appointments, access health care needs and gather medical items that are needed for their dorms or apartments.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?
A: I enjoy the interaction with our youth. We have the opportunity to connect with them and provide care for them when they are not feeling well. We have been able to identify medical needs that have not been addressed, and we are able to see how life-changing it can be for them.

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