Q&A with Kelly, a resident on the Waxahachie campus

Kelly is a resident on the Waxahachie campus. Staff say she is fun, loves to laugh and makes an effort to set a good example for the other girls in her home unit. We caught up with Kelly to see how things have been going over the last year.

Kelly, a resident at Waxahachie, with Sarah Switzer, her youth care counselor

(Pictured above: Sarah Switzer, left, with Kelly)

Q: What has it meant to you to be at the Waxahachie campus?
A: Of course I would rather be at home, but I have liked being here. Our staff are supportive and that has helped me a lot. Miss Sarah Switzer, one of our youth care counselors, is someone I found I can really talk with. We have conversations about being a Christian and she shares scripture with me. I love that she loves God. Things can really seem hard sometimes and this has helped me.

Q: What has been your best experience so far?
A: I was able to go on the Shephard of the Ozarks trip. This was the best trip I had ever been on. I was scared at first because we were going out of state and I did not know anyone. I made new friends from the Waco and Boys Ranch campuses and also got to know their staff. I came back feeling closer to God. It was great being around other youth who are Christians and sharing that experience.

Q: Where do you see yourself in a year?
A: My goal is to be able to return home and graduate from my hometown high school.

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