Katt's Story: A place to call home

This story was first published in the Spring 2012 issue of Sunshine magazine.

As a pre-teen, Katt traveled from hotel to hotel with her father and had no permanent home since his job required extensive travel. She had lost her mother and was struggling with the pain she felt. She began acting out and making poor choices to deal with her grief.

“About a year after my mom passed away, it started to affect me,” Katt said. “I began to understand the reality that I would never have a relationship with my mom again.”

Going into her teen years, Katt’s father was concerned that she did not have a female role model or a stable environment in which to thrive. He began looking at the possibility of sending her to a home for youth to finish high school.

Katt and her father learned about Methodist Children’s Home and decided to apply for her admission.

“I wanted to come to MCH because I wanted to have friends and a real home environment,” Katt said.

During the admissions process, MCH determined that the Waco campus was the best program for Katt. At first, she was not sure about her new residence, but she eventually began to blossom.

“Katt was grateful to have a consistent home,” said Stephanie Scott, Katt’s unit manager and caseworker. “She was able to start a routine for herself, and she appreciated that because she’s naturally an organized person.”

Katt occupied her time with volunteer and extracurricular activities to deal with her pain. She joined mission trips, began cheerleading, joined the student leadership council, and helped with concessions for sports activities. In addition, Katt volunteered to work with children in the community. Through her community service efforts, Katt discovered her passion for working with special needs children.

“I love to work with kids,” Katt said. “I want to be a special education kindergarten teacher. Special needs children require attention and they need to feel wanted and loved by someone.”

According to Scott, Katt has the personality and patience that will enable her to work effectively with children.

“Katt’s heart is really into working with children and she has an extremely social and bubbly personality,” she said. “I love that about her.”

Katt graduated from the University of Texas Charter School on the Waco campus in June. She said she is excited and nervous about the transition, but she is thankful for her experience at MCH.

“It definitely helped me to come to the Home,” Katt said. “MCH gives a lot of hope to children, and I am happy to be one of them.”

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