Q & A with Julie Mechell, instructional aide at MCH

Photo of Julie Mechell, Methodist Children's HomeThe University of Texas Charter School on the Waco campus offers computer-based instruction (CBI) through OdysseyWare. Computer-based instruction allows credit recovery or credit acceleration for students. There is a class offered at the Waco campus school and at the Boys Ranch.

Julie Mechell, instructional aide, and Dwayne Simms, youth care counselor, teach the class at the Boys Ranch. We sat down with Julie to talk about the class.

Q: Why does the charter school offer a CBI class at the Boys Ranch?
A: Many of our students have wanted to be involved in the agricultural fabrication classes and FFA but had a hard time getting their core class schedule to fit the times needed to be at the Boys Ranch for those classes. Now the students have sufficient time to work on their Ag Science projects and take care of their animals then walk over to our class for their core courses. This change allows more students, including girls, to be involved in Ag Science.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?
A: I enjoy watching the students learn and grow. I grew up in a rural area and know what FFA offers. It is exciting to see the students take pride in their projects and see how they learn about being responsible and compassionate for their animal. I enjoy being able to give the students more individual attention in the classroom.

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