Q & A with Jon

Jon is a senior at the Boys Ranch. He will be attending Texas State Technical College in the fall to earn a welding certificate. He currently takes a welding class through the University of Texas Charter School on the Waco campus. In addition to his normal school hours, he attends a class at 7 a.m. at the Ranch to build shop projects.

We caught up with him at the crack of dawn to talk about what he has been working on.

Jon - Methodist Children's Home Boys Ranch

Q: How did you become interested in welding?
A: I liked to watch West Coast Customs with Jesse James. It is a reality show about building choppers. I was intrigued by the work they did and wanted to learn the craft.

Q: What have you learned by being part of this class?
A: I have learned to weld and be more independent with my projects. I have also learned to be more responsible.


Q: What has been your biggest challenge?
A: I would say the project that I am working on now. It is a double smoker, and due to the size and the structure it has been a challenge. I am very proud of this project. Mr. Kruse, our shop teacher, is very knowledgeable, patient and supportive. He has really helped me gain a lot of confidence in my welding abilities and really makes the class fun.

Mr. Kruse described Jon as his most improved student. Jon has gained self-confidence with his work. He placed in the blue ribbon category for his fire pit project at the Heart of Texas Livestock Show this past October. Jon has discovered a passion that he can do as a career and that makes all the early mornings worth it.

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