Q&A with Joanna, a Waco campus resident


Methodist Children’s Home has many youth attending camps during the summer. Joanna, a resident on the Waco campus, attended a camp sponsored by the Waco Historic Foundation. This camp offered youth in the Waco area a chance to see what it takes to build a city and be a good citizen.

We caught up with Joanna to learn more about her experience.

Q: What did you do at this camp?
A: We learned what it takes to build and govern a city. We also learned about agriculture and emergency services, like the fire department and EMTs. The former mayor of Waco came out and spoke to us one day.

Q: What was your favorite memory of the camp?
A: I really enjoyed seeing the firemen, fire truck and ambulances. I got to sit in the front seat and blow the siren. That was fun! I also enjoyed getting to pretend to be a reporter for the city and writing stories about past events.

Q: What did you learn from this experience?
A: I learned how much work it takes to create, fund and run a city.

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