Q&A with Jason Bartlett, MCH Youth Care Counselor

Methodist Children’s Home offers enrichment classes to our youth over the summer. All three campuses offer our youth a variety of classes to choose from, such as cooking, outdoor adventure, fitness, arts and crafts, independent living, CPR/first aid, decision making, music, hunter’s safety and fishing. These classes provide our youth the opportunity for new experiences or to find a new hobby.

Jason Bartlett (pictured above right), youth care counselor on the Waco campus, leads the fishing class. We caught up with Jason to learn more.

Q: How did the fishing class start?
A: I actually approached the recreation staff about adding a fishing class to the summer enrichment program. Fishing is something my dad and I did together as I was growing up and I wanted to use my knowledge and skills with our youth.

Q: How have you seen our youth respond to the fishing class?
A: The youth are responding positively. A few were reluctant in the beginning, especially when it came time to bait a hook or take the fish off, but they are loosening up and eager to get started each morning. We have been going to different locations to fish to keep things interesting.

Q: How does an activity like this help our youth?
A: I hope to instill in them a sense of pride of learning a new skill and being able to say “I can do that.” Maybe one day it will be an activity they can share with their own children, like my dad and I have done. Through this opportunity youth have been able to get to know others in a different setting and I also have built new relationships.

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