Q&A with Jakeema, resident at Methodist Children's Home

During the summer, several of our youth have jobs on the Waco campus working in various departments. For some youth this is their first experience having a job. Jakeema, a senior, has spent his summer working with the “yard crew.” 

Charles Ehlers, grounds supervisor, had this to say about Jakeema: “He has been one of the best student workers we have had. He is a quick learner, works steady, never complains and has a great sense of humor.” We went out to find Jakeema and learn more about what he has been doing.

Q: What does your summer job consist of?
A: I have some experience with yard work but this job has helped me become more confident in my skills. I mow, edge, trim trees, and have helped moved furniture.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about your job?
A: I enjoy break time! I like getting to know the guys better. They are a fun group and we have a good time laughing and telling jokes.

Q: What have you learned?
A: I have learned it is important to be courteous, to think outside the box on how to get a job done, time management and the value of hard, hot work.

Q: What will you miss about your summer job?
A: I will miss the guys. They are a great group and I hope I have the opportunity to work with them again next summer.

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