Q&A with Ian Bracken - Boys Ranch Strongman Demonstration

Strongman Demonstration 2014

Ian Bracken, recreation coordinator for the Boys Ranch, recently took some of our youth on an outing to a small local gym to see a Strongman demonstration and heard the personal testimony from one of the members. 

“This is not your typical gym,” Ian said. “It is a place where people train unconventionally.  It is a place where you can flip tractor tires, atlas stone and truck pulls.”

We caught up with Ian to learn more.

Q: What is the purpose of this demonstration?
A: The purpose of this event was to show our youth how they can channel their burdens through positive activities to help them become positive role models no matter what circumstances they may come from.  Along with the unusual training techniques, the gym is filled with exceptional people with exceptional stories.  They have used the sport of strongman as well as a deep faith in the Lord to overcome the difficulties of life.  I met Mike McCarthy here and he was more than willing to share his testimony and, along with some others, put on a demonstration for our youth.  

Q: How did our youth enjoy the demonstration?
A: Our boys were very attentive.  Mike shared a slide show of his life, depicting the good and bad  choices he has made, and the affects of wrong choices and how his faith has worked in his own life.  The boys enjoyed the demonstration of lifts and were allowed to help with a truck pull.  They really enjoyed the challenge.


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