Q & A with the Howells, homeparents at the Boys Ranch

Kenny and Colleen HowellMethodist Children’s Home serves up to 50 boys at our 500-acre Boys Ranch, which is located about 10 miles northeast of Waco. The Boys Ranch has six home units. Boys Ranch staff are committed to building relationships and ensuring the personal growth of each youth. The Boys Ranch currently has eleven homeparent couples who live with the boys in these home units.

We sat down with Kenny and Colleen Howell, a new homeparent couple, to see how their new job is going.

Q: How did you become interested in working with youth?
A: Colleen: We have always been involved with youth. We have two children and have been very active in their lives. We volunteered with youth in our community, taught Sunday school and worked with youth groups.

Q: How did you learn about MCH?
A: Colleen: Once our children were grown, we decided to change careers and find a program that would allow us to work with youth full-time. I researched child care facilities for over a year and came across the MCH website. I even subscribed to the Sunshine magazine. You could see the genuine smiles on the youth’s faces and the relationships between them and the staff. By reading the publications, we became aware of all the opportunities provided for them through this ministry. When the homeparent position at the Boys Ranch came open, we applied!

Q: What has given you the most enjoyment so far in your new job?
A: Kenny: Being able to have teachable moments with the boys and seeing the “gotcha moment” in their faces. These teachable moments may be small but they help you connect and build stronger relationships. We helped lead the fishing enrichment class this summer. Each day was another opportunity to share with the boys while waiting for the fish to bite. We were able to meet and connect with the boys from other home units as well and really enjoyed it.

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