Q&A with MCH Homecoming king and queen

The University of Texas Charter School on the Waco campus recently recognized the 2011 homecoming king and queen. The homecoming court consisted of 8 seniors. The student body and teachers cast their votes earlier in the week and the winners were announced at the Bulldog football game last Friday night, October 28.

We caught up with the winners, Myriah, a Waco campus resident, and Tyler, a Boys Ranch resident, to hear about the experience.

MCH Homecoming King and Queen - Tyler Brown and Myriah Ford

Q: How did you feel about being nominated and then winning?
Myriah: It was really cool. I was so excited. This was my first time to be nominated for anything. My girlfriends helped me get ready for evening activities and my friend Ace was my escort.
Tyler: I was really surprised. I did not think I would get that many votes. I was excited when they called out Myriah’s name. So many people were taking our picture that I felt famous for a few minutes. It was nice having our friends congratulate us. It will be a very special memory.

Q: Now that you both are about to graduate, what has being at MCH meant to you?
Myriah: The staff has really built a relationship with me and wanted me to do well. Also, it has been important to have a place that provides structure for me. I graduate this December and plan on attending a community college.
Tyler: The Boys Ranch gave me a second chance. I had the opportunity to be in athletics, FFA and Ambassadors. I have made some really good friends here. I graduate in June and plan on joining the Air Force.

*Tyler and Myriah wanted to include a special thank you to all the staff and students who voted for them as Homecoming king and queen.

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