Q&A with GAPP Coordinator, Rehan McNeil, on Tai Chi

GAPP Tai Chi class

The Grandparents as Parents Program (GAPP), located on the Waco campus, offers a variety of engaging and informative activities over the summer for the grandparent families they serve. This includes a four-part series called “Creating loving, responsible grandchildren through boundaries,” a quarterly series on “Being the sexual educator in your home,” a job readiness and career training seminar, a weekly Tai Chi class, cooking demonstrations, painting class, and an out-of-town trip to Dallas.

We caught up with Rehan McNeil, lead GAPP coordinator, to find out more about the Tai Chi class.

Q: How did the Tai Chi class start?
A: I knew that the Crestview Church of Christ Community Center offered services to the community. I learned that they offered a Tai Chi class, so I called them for more information. They were able to put me in touch with Kayla Rosas, a certified Tai Chi instructor, and they have allowed our GAPP families and anyone in the community to use a room in their Community Center for the class. This has been a great partnership for us.

Q: How does the Tai Chi class help our grandparents?
A: I believe that any type of fitness or exercise regimen is imperative for our overall well-being. Our GAPP program has offered a variety of fitness class opportunities over the years, such as yoga, zumba and a walking club for our grandparents. Tai Chi has proven to be the most popular. This is a low-impact activity that helps improve breathing, range of motion, joint pain and flexibility. It is a great way to get moving and fellowship with other grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

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