Q & A with Crystal

Crystal made the decision to set personal goals for herself in the fall of 2010. She overheard her art teacher, Susan Roberts, make a statement about running as a regular workout routine and it perked Crystal’s interest. She thought it would help her with her fitness goals, so she asked Mrs. Roberts if she could join her. Mrs. Roberts has continued to be a source of encouragement to help Crystal stick to her goals.

Crystal and Mrs. Roberts

Q: Crystal, how did you become interested in a fitness routine?
A: Mrs. Roberts was talking about how she jogged around MCH after school to get her exercise, so I asked her if I could join her. I was very persistent until she agreed to run the idea by my unit manager. Once I earned level three, we were able to get approval to work out together. We jog about three times a week through Cameron Park and go up Jacob’s Ladder, a tall stairway.

Crystal, what has it meant to you to have a work out buddy?
A: I have felt more confident. Mrs. Roberts and I talk about goals for my future. I hope to go to A.J. Moore next year and get a job. Being able to be outside and off campus gives me another outlet. When I do not feel like going, Mrs. Roberts is very encouraging and I do not want to let her down.

Mrs. Roberts, how has this experience affected you?
A: I was motivated by her persistence and realized this was very important to her. I am flattered that she trusts me to share her goals and I have been very pleased with her determination to stick with the workout. I see her as more confident and I am excited about her future. This has been a great opportunity for us both.

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