Q & A - Four girls discuss their community service experience 

Caressa, Taylor, Crystal and Kristin

Over Spring Break, four girls from the Waco campus accepted an invitation from the St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church to help with their day camp.

We spent some time with Caressa, Crystal, Kristin, Taylor and their unit manager, Julie Spiech, to learn more about their experience.

Q: Julie, can you tell us how you became involved with St. Luke AME?
A: The Religious Education department matched all the home units with a local church during Black History month to provide a way to connect with local churches and have the opportunity to experience different worship services. While we were there, our youth were encouraged to mingle with members of the congregation. Our youth were really well received and a member of St. Luke AME asked if our youth would be willing to help out with their upcoming day camp.

Q: Taylor, what age group did you work with?
A: We were able to spend time with children ages four to thirteen. I remember there were two brothers who became really attached to me and I helped them with arts and crafts.

Q: Crystal, what type of activities did you participate in with the children?
A: We flew kites, blew bubbles, played Wii and tennis, did arts and crafts and a had a dance tournament.

Q: Kristin, what other community service projects has your home unit been involved in?
A: We have helped out at the Waco Dewey Recreation Center, picked up trash for Keep Waco Beautiful, and participated in the Calvary Baptist Church sports camp.

Q: Caressa, how does it make you feel to help others?
A: I feel good about myself when I help others. I am able to see what others are going through.

Q: What did you enjoy most about helping with the day camp?
A: The bond we formed with the children. -Taylor
The kids made me laugh and I felt like a positive role model. -Kristin
The church family was very supportive and appreciated our help. -Crystal
The kids made me feel loved. -Caressa