Q & A with Colin Campbell, MCH Music Director

Photo of Colin, Methodist Children's HomeMethodist Children’s Home has a wonderful music program that provides opportunities for our youth to explore their own musical talents and be involved in a powerful worship experience.

We visited with Colin Campbell, MCH music director who is at the forefront of our music program.

Q: What opportunities does MCH provide for our youth musically?
A: Youth who are interested can join the Festival Choir, which performs special music throughout the year, such as our Carol and Candles advent service and Easter service. The Praise Team is a band for youth who play an instrument. These youth play their chosen instrument and perform praise music at the MCH worship services and special events. The Central Texas Annual Conference has asked both the Festival Choir and Praise Team to play at their worship service this June.

Q: What benefits do you see in providing these musical opportunities for our youth?
A: The first benefit I see is that youth conquer their fear of performing in front of others. The second benefit is that they find a place for self expression, and the third benefit is that they have the ability to work as a team. In rehearsals, they are given the opportunity to perform in front of a small group and gain confidence to get in front of a large congregation. The youth are also encouraged to work as a team to collaborate on what types of music to play. Giving our youth a voice is very important.

Q: How do these opportunities contribute to the MCH community?
A: Cohesiveness is created when youth spend time together. Discipline is built in the individual sessions when they are practicing their craft. Music, specifically in a worship service, exposes our youth to the intangible. Talking about things that deal with faith leads our youth to a desire to want to express and experience a spiritual connection to God and music is a perfect medium for that.

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