Q & A with David

Christmas at the Boys Ranch is just as you would imagine it would be on a ranch. The mood is relaxed, trees are decorated with cowboy style, and the scent of Buffalo wings and sweet treats fill the rooms. David, a resident at the Boys Ranch for a year and a half, looks forward to Christmas at the Home each year. Here is a Q & A with David on what he loves about the season.

Photo of Harold, Methodist Children's HomeQ: What’s a normal evening like for you on the Ranch?
A: We do chores, watch a little TV, have a snack at 8 p.m. and then we go to our rooms.

Q: How is the evening different on the night you celebrate Christmas at the Home?
A: We go to the Carols and Candles worship service on the Waco campus, then we come back to the Ranch to open presents and eat some snacks.

Q: What’s your favorite part about the holidays?
A: The presents!

Q: Are there any traditions you look forward to?
A: I like seeing all the decorations up. I put up all the lights outside here at my home on the Ranch and I do the same thing at home.

Q: Does your home unit do anything special for Christmas?
A: We always put up decorations and have lots of food.

Q: What did you get this year from the Home?
A: A digital camera, a CD player with an iPod dock, a CD set, a belt and a shirt. Mrs. Slonaker (a home parent at my home unit) found a Halo set that I didn’t know existed. I love it. It has a set of six video games and five books.

Q: Do you have any favorite holiday memories?
A: It was last Christmas – my siblings and I played out in the snow all day. We got eight inches at my house last year!

Q: What’s your favorite Christmas food?
A: Turkey and dressing. I know that’s more of a Thanksgiving thing, but I love it.

Q: Do you have a favorite Christmas show or movie?
A: Not really. But I do like anything filled with action. My favorite movies right now are Transformers 2 and Avatar.

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