Children We Serve


Children from birth through age 18 and whose needs are consistent with licensing standards and admissions criteria are eligible to apply for admission to Methodist Children’s Home. Residential programs on the Waco campus and Boys Ranch serve youth ages 12 to 18. Children younger than 12 years of age are served through our foster care program in Texas.

Methodist Children's Home is prepared to provide assistance to:

  • children who are neglected, delinquent-prone and in need of supervision;
  • children whose family circumstances do not allow the family to adequately care for them;
  • children with mild emotional or behavioral problems, such as argumentativeness, stubbornness, not following rules or not taking responsibility for their actions;
  • children whose families are experiencing a crisis, such as stepparent conflicts or family involvement in drugs and alcohol;
  • children whose parents must be separated from the family due to medical or psychiatric problems, or incarceration;
  • families facing financial problems or crisis;
  • children suffering from the trauma of rape, incest, death, abuse or abandonment;
  • children who are depressed and withdrawn;
  • children whose parents or conservators are afflicted with health conditions that prevent them from maintaining full responsibility for the child;
  • children having problems at school due to anxiety or negative peer pressure that interferes with motivation, learning and productive activities; and
  • parents and children who have decided that a "separation time" is a prerequisite to family healing.