Q&A with Candice Darwin, Waxahachie campus administrator

Summer is upon us and there is a lot of planning going on to help ensure our youth have a fun and safe summer. We spoke with Candice Darwin, Administrator for the Waxahachie campus, to learn more about their summer program.

(Pictured below: Cristina Espinoza, a Waxahachie campus staff member, and Phillip, an MCH resident.)

Cristina and Phillip

Q: Who is involved in the planning of summer activities?

A: All of our staff are involved in the planning and they do so willingly. Our youth participate in the planning as well by giving input into their home’s individual activities. For summer enrichment activities, we organize campus-wide outings to places such as Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, museums in downtown Dallas and college campus visits in the Dallas area. This year eight of our youth will participate in a mission trip with First United Methodist Church in Waxahachie.

Our staff often offers extra activities based on their interests and talents. Some examples include scrapbooking classes, sewing classes, ice cream making and sports activities. We also utilize the Waco campus staff to offer additional activities. Nancy Teagardner, food services director, and her staff will teach a cooking class, and Pablo Villanueva, admissions intern, will teach a peer mediation class.

Q: What community service opportunities are planned for our youth?

A: Our youth volunteer for several organizations all year in our community, such as the local food bank, adopt-a-highway program, Boys and Girls club, and local nursing homes. This summer some of our youth will assist local churches with providing Vacation Bible School to the community. The Balloon Classic is an annual hot air balloon event held in Waxahachie. Our youth will help set up and clean up as well as enjoy the show.

Q: What are some of the daily activities that our youth participate in?

A: Our youth utilize our campus resources, such as the gym, pool and recreation room. We hope to have a Zumba instructor offering classes here on campus soon. The youth enjoy places around town, such as Getzandaner Park for picnics. We are looking forward to a busy summer that will create great memories for our youth both in fun and service.

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