Q&A with Betty Morrow, School Coordinator

Photo of Betty, Methodist Children's HomeIt is that time of year again! The members of the Class of 2011 at the Methodist Children’s Home are proudly walking across a stage at their high schools to receive their diplomas. This spring Methodist Children’s Home will be graduating a total of 43 youth combined from the Waco campus, Boys Ranch, Waxahachie campus and foster care.

We spoke with Betty Morrow about what it is like being the school coordinator.

Q: What are your responsibilities as school coordinator?
A: I am responsible for preparing graduation plans for students who live on the Waco campus and at the Boys Ranch. I work closely with the local school counselors to ensure students are taking the correct classes needed for their career interest. I maintain the students’ school records and schedules. I also work closely with the diagnosticians to ensure that students are provided assistance if they have special needs.

Q: What does it take to ensure our students’ educational goals are met?
A: It takes the interest and commitment of everyone to ensure our students are successful. One of the strengths of the MCH community is that our youth have many adults invested in their goals. Of course the teachers are spending every day with our youth in the classroom building relationships as well as teaching the needed curriculum. The youth care counselors are also in the classroom and provide the support and encouragement it takes to help students handle hard situations. Our social workers communicate with me on how the youth are doing emotionally and behaviorally, attend school meetings, and make sure there is study time provided in the home units or request tutoring if needed. The transition services staff is involved in learning what the students’ goals are for their future and how MCH can help them plan for college, military or the workforce.

Q: What is the reward for you at the end of a school year?
A: I enjoy seeing the pride on our students’ faces on graduation day. I know what their academic struggles have been and how discouraged many youth felt when they came to MCH behind in school. It is very important to our youth to graduate on time with their peers. I feel rewarded knowing MCH provides the opportunities and resources needed to help our youth graduate.

MCH Charter School Graduates - Class of 2011

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