Q&A with Ashley and Rachael, Waco residents

Ashley and Rachael 2014

Staff members at Methodist Children’s Home encourage youth to explore new interests. This often reveals hidden talents they never knew they had. MCH provides many options for our youth through school, athletics, recreation and spiritual development. On occasion, MCH will look to organizations in the community to provide a setting for our youth to develop their interests. Ashley and Rachael live at the Mamie Mitchell home unit and attend dance class in the Waco community. We sat down with them to hear more about their experience.

Q: Why did you choose dance?
Ashley:  I have been dancing since I was 7 years old. I was part of a dance group in my community and school.  I have performed at the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo and missed doing it, so I desired to get back into dance because I love it.
Rachael: I was on the dance team at my school back home.  I enjoy expressing myself through dance.  Dancing helps me get my mind off things for awhile, and I feel free.

Q: How has this opportunity helped you?
Ashley: It is nice to get off campus and meet new people.  I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about dance and express myself in a unique way without being judged.
Rachael: I am a quiet person so dance allows me to feel comfortable and open up.  I can free-style and make up my own style.

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