125 Years of Methodist Children's Home


Spotlight on El Paso Family Outreach

Throughout 2015, Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) is commemorating its 125th anniversary. MCH not only provides hope to children, youth and families on the Waco campus and Boys Ranch but extends the same hope through our Family Outreach offices across Texas and New Mexico. Throughout the year, these individual Family Outreach offices will be featured to highlight the uniqueness they bring to the communities they serve.

El Paso
The MCH Family Outreach office in El Paso was established in 2006 and provides a variety of services designed to strengthen individuals and families.

“Being situated on the border of Mexico and the United States brings its own set of unique challenges to the El Paso office,” said Zahire Gonzalez-Villa, outreach director. “Because of our distinct location, some of the challenges we face are that a considerable amount of our clients are first generation Hispanics and more often than not undocumented, have little schooling and in a country where they lack the command of the English language. To further compound matters, many of our clients are fearful of being deported and apprehensive to participate in our programs.”

The El Paso office offers the Family Solutions program, Grandparents as Parents Program (GAPP) along with the Nurturing Parent classes.  These services include assistance with shelter, food pantries, clothing, medical attention and daycare resources to name a few. The goal is to help families build homes that create a nurturing, loving safe-haven for their children.

“What makes us unique from the other Family Outreach offices directly ties into our unique challenges,” Gonzalez-Villa said. “When working with a substantial volume of first generation Hispanics making an effort to assimilate into a new country, we must build trust. The obstacles are challenging and varied but our success stories keep us motivated to continue extending our help to those in need of our services.

“The biggest joy about working at MCH is knowing that we have the ability to make a positive impact in people’s lives and being a witness to the transformation,” added Gonzalez-Villa. “We see families evolve and know that our programs helped them become more self-sufficient.”

Gonzalez-Villa said being part a part of an organization with 125 years of history brings a great source of pride and is a distinct honor that a few organizations can speak of. ”If our first 125 years is any indication of our future, we have so much more to look forward to in our communities,” she said.
MCH Family Outreach in El Paso can be reached by calling (915) 781-0005. The office is located at 5959 Gateway West Suite 530, El Paso, Texas 79925.