125 Years of Methodist Children's Home


Corpus Christi 125th


Spotlight on Corpus Christi Family Outreach

Throughout 2015, Methodist Children’s Home is commemorating its 125th anniversary. MCH has been blessed in these 125 years to extend our services beyond the beautiful Waco campus and Boys Ranch to outreach offices located in Texas and New Mexico that provide services to families and children. Throughout the year, the individual Family Outreach offices will be featured to highlight the uniqueness they bring to the communities they serve.

Corpus Christi
The MCH Family Outreach office in Corpus Christi was established in 2006 and provides a variety of services designed to strengthen individuals and families.

“In Corpus Christi our services are unique, as services are provided in the home or the location convenient for the family,” said Marisol Gomez, Outreach director. “Case managers work with families to teach beneficial skills such as budgeting, organizing, communication and self-esteem. Our services are client driven. We also offer programs such as Family Solutions and the Grandparents as Parents Program (GAPP) aimed at supporting families and making them stronger.

“The Corpus Christi office is the first MCH office to implement a mobile workforce model,” Gomez added. “This model promotes quicker growth allowing us to serve more families and more time for case managers to assist clients in the community.”

Liz De Los Santos, case manager, stated: “I feel like our program, Family Solutions, is an intensive program that is geared towards the preservation of families. That in itself is unique. Meeting with families once a week sets our program apart from other programs.”

Dominique Caram, case manager, said her biggest joy is “when I can see the efforts that I have made to help a life of a family.”

“A very memorable moment for me will always be the first time a grandparent expressed gratitude for the help I provided through the GAPP program,” Caram said. “I was visiting her briefly and upon saying goodbye, she was standing by my car window and reached in to hold my hand. She looked me in the eye with the biggest smile (and almost happy tears) and said ‘thank you.’ This world can be a tough place to live in and I’m happy to know I can be a light for someone that hopefully ignites positive change in their lives or at least helps remind them of their worth.”

Gomez added that “being part of an organization with a 125-year history is almost unheard of. It shows the stability of our agency. When we encourage families to provide stability for their families it is nice we can be a role model.”

For MCH Family Outreach in Corpus Christi to be a part of a larger organization with such a deep history in many locations has helped the Corpus Christi office “have a great and respectable reputation within our community and surrounding areas,” said Michelle Gunter, case manager.

MCH Family Outreach in Corpus Christi can be reached by calling (316) 334-2255. The office is located at 5350 S. Staples Suite 150-A, Corpus Christi, Texas 78411.