125 Years of Methodist Children's Home


Abilene 125th


Spotlight on Abilene Family Outreach

Throughout 2015, Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) is commemorating its 125th anniversary. As part of this celebration, each Family Outreach office across Texas and New Mexico will be featured to highlight the uniqueness they bring to their communities.

The Abilene Family Outreach office was established in 2008 and provides a variety of services designed to strengthen individuals and families.

The unique program that the Abilene office provides is a staffed group foster home (Sammy Baugh Cottage) located in Jayton, Texas. Jayton is located 89 miles from Abilene and is staffed by two sets of home parents and one Youth Care Counselor (YCC).

“We are able to serve up to 12 children in this foster care group home,” said Megan Harbin, outreach director. “We have found that it best works with 7-9 children because staff can provide more one on one attention the children need and deserve. It is great that we also have the space to provide for larger sibling groups who otherwise might have been separated.”

The Abilene office also provides the Family Solutions program aimed at supporting families and making them stronger along with the Grandparents as Parents Program (GAPP) which includes parent education classes using the Nurturing Parenting curriculum.

“The Abilene office is great in that it has a lot of programs available for families in need,” said Harbin. “We work hard to highlight our unique services in our community.

“I feel confident speaking for all our staff when I say the biggest joy we feel is when you watch a family you are working with achieve goals they have set for themselves,” said Harbin. “We get so excited for their successes. I personally love experiencing the ‘first time occasions’ with our foster children. This may be a small thing, like getting their own room or the big ones such as their first trip to Six Flags or going on an out of state vacation.

“I appreciate being part of an organization with such a long history of helping people,” concluded Harbin. “Not many organizations can say they have been helping children in need for 125 years. We are blessed to be part of such a long-standing ministry.”

The Abilene Family Outreach office can be reached by calling (325)672-9398. The office is located at 500 Chestnut, Suite 1730, Abilene, Texas 79602.