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If so, please request the form from your company, fill it out, and fax it to us at 254-750-1342. We would be grateful to receive these matching funds where possible.

The Daily Needs Fund supports services, programs and basic care to children at MCH. This includes daily food, clothing, housing, and many other resources that help our children encounter hope through a nurturing, Christian community. All gifts to this fund go to serve children in our care today and do not cover administrative costs.
At times during the budget year, a specific project or program at MCH requires special funding. The greatest need designation is determined by the Home’s President and MCH Board of Directors Development Committee. All gifts to this fund go toward a specific project or program that will care for our children and not to administrative costs.
The earnings from the MCH Endowment Fund provide for approximately 80% of the annual budget. The strength of this fund ensures that MCH will be able to fulfill our mission to children, youth and families for years to come. All gifts to this fund are invested in the MCH Endowment Fund and only the earnings are used to help fulfill the annual budget.
At times a benefactor will designate a matching gift for a special project or program. All gifts given to the Matching Gift Campaign will enable MCH to “double” the gift. All gifts to this fund go toward a specific project or program that will care for our children and not to administrative costs. If the Matching Gift Campaign is not active at the time of the gift, it will be applied to the area of greatest need.